Lucky Luscious Ladies


Lucky Luscious Ladies

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Welcome to the Lucky Luscious Ladies (L3) at Club Princeton!


We are the sexiest BBW on-premise swingers club in the US.  Your host is the lovely Laura, aka FaerieGoddess.


We are asking ALL of our Lucky Luscious Ladies to come on out and party at the VIP Lounge above Club Princeton.  Of course, all of our handsome men are invited as well!  This event is open to couples, single women and single men.  Pay our special rates and come on up!  


Please use the stairs at the front of the building under the awning to enter the VIP Lounge.



We look forward to seeing you at this and future L3 events!!


Do not forget, if you have not been to Club Princeton before or have never filled out a FREE membership application.  Please do so before the party to help the entrance line go faster.  You can find it at



2020 Party Dates and Themes

August 22- Kamana Wanna Leiya

September 19-Report to the Principal's Office

October 10-Monster Mash

November 14-O.P.P.

December 12-A Not So Silent Night

Next Party

August 22nd, 2020-Kamana Wanna Leiya

8:00 pm-2:00 am

 Club Princeton

425 S. Princeton Ave. Columbus, OH 43223

COVID 19 Safety Steps 


As the date of L3's reopening approaches, this section will  be updated to provide info on steps taken by the club, and steps that we request our members take, to help prevent the spread of COVID 19.

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