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Lucky Luscious Ladies

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Welcome to Lucky Luscious Ladies!  I started this club because women of all sizes are sexy and shouldn't be afraid to strut their stuff!  Goddess-sized women tend to feel out of place at normal bars and clubs and I wanted a place where they could blossom and gain confidence by being around other plus-sized women and by the men who adore all those curves!


Who am I, you ask?  I am Laura, founder of L3, a lifelong BBW, a proponent for Big Bodied People in Swinging and BDSM.  I am a childfree Domme who is engaged to my very own Prince Charming of almost 4 years.  I became a resident of Ohio in 2013, but will always love my Wolverines (GO BLUE!).  I adore Hello Kitty, lingerie, tattoos and cats.  I am a huge fashionista and love helping women find their style and confidence.  I also adore hugs, so please make sure you come up and say "Hi" and introduce yourself when you come to an event.  I can't wait to meet you!!


*bites and licks* Laura/Rey

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